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Gov. Shumlin Visits NSA Fabrication Shop

Governor Peter Shumlin Visits NSA Industires
(Left to Right) Matt Smith, VP of Sales; Jim Moroney, CEO; Governor Peter Shumlin; Ed Stanley, VP of Operations

Governor Peter Shumlin stopped by the 210 Pierce Road building on September 4th before his press conference at the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility in St. Johnsbury.  The correctional facility is installing high-tech solar panels as part of the state’s goal to reduce greenhouse gases by using more green energy in its operations.   AllEarth Renewables of Williston made the solar trackers and NSA Industries LLC has provided parts for over 2000 solar panel units in the last three years alone.

Gov. Shumlin toured the Pierce Road facility with members of his staff, as well as Andrew Savage of AllEarth Renewables.  Jim Moroney, CEO, states “as a Vermont metal fabrication and machining manufacturer, NSA is pleased to be an integral supply chain partner to AllEarth Renewables for the past five years.  In addition, it is especially satisfying for us to play a part in this alternative energy initiative and for us to see our work product being utilized locally at the Northeast Correctional Complex.”

The project is part of an initiative the Governor announced in September of 2013 to deploy 5 megawatts of solar that will increase the state’s use of renewable energy while saving taxpayers on state energy costs.  “This initiative demonstrates why solar is so good for Vermont.  It is saving taxpayer money, creating good local jobs, keeping electric costs down, and doing right for future generations by producing long-term clean, renewable energy,” said Andrew Savage, Chief StrategyOfficer at AllEarth Renewables.

NSA was proud to show off the facility and discuss the plans for the future.  Ed Stanley, VP of Operations, and Matt Smith, VP of Sales and Marketing, escorted Gov. Shumlin through the different areas of the fabricating shop.  “He was impressed with the technology and with the amount of capital we have invested,” states Ed.  “He was particularly interested in the fiber sheet laser and the welding area.  All in all, he loved the building and we were happy he stopped by.”

Jim Moroney joined Gov. Shumlin at the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility.
For more on the story, go to http://governor.vermont.gov/newsroom-prison-solar-power-state-buildings-release.